Sunday, June 17, 2012


Since my boyfriend and I decided to find a little place for our own, I can't stop browsing the home and interior webshops. I found a webshop fully loaded with the most beautiful chairs, dining tables and accessories, called Loods 5. From plastic design chairs to coloured, old wooden tables. I LOVE IT! I can see our wooden dining table together with some plastic and white chairs. Dinner is served!



Saturday, June 16, 2012



I told you about my obsession of finding the perfect things. Well, I accomplished at least one mission: to find the perfect leather jacket. This friend over here is from Zara. Found it in Sydney two months ago during my "round the world trip" and wear it ever since. I just love to wear it with a simple white blouse and some jeans when strolling the shops in my hometown Dordrecht. Do you have your own perfect leather jacket?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I think you all know the problem 'no time for a good and healthy breakfast' to start your busy day. Well, I know it myself and that's why I recently made some delicious shakes for breakfast. It's so easy, fast and did I say delicious? You just have to buy some fruit (any fruit will work but I like the mango ones) and yogurt. It's even more delicious when you add some ice, especially during summertime. Just one teaspoon of sugar (or a little bit of sweetner) and you're off to go! Blend it al for one minute and serve it immediately. Add some grains, like oats, for the "real" breakfast. Enjoy!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Do you all know the feeling when entering a shop or place and you don't know where to go, or watch, because you see interesting and amazing things everywhere? Your blood pressure rise and you have the energy to run a marathon? Ok, that's a little bit but too much but you know what I mean right? I sometimes have this feeling in shops with the most beautiful clothes (or shoes!) but also in other places such as a restaurant. Like Villa Augustus, a place in my hometown Dordrecht. It's such a cool place to hang out on the terrace with green views over the gardens. Oh, and did I mention the water tower, which now is a hotel? But the restaurant is also very unique with cobinations of design and vintage, and wants to make me my very own Villa Augustus place at home!


Monday, June 11, 2012





  Why is it so hard to find the simple, perfect things? Like the perfect jeans or the perfect leather jacket (check!). Is it because you can wear them like forever? Or just because everyone is searching for "the big catch"? Anyway, I have another "big catch" issue. Finding the perfect black heels! I saw some amazing pair at Mango but they are more like sandals. Though they do look stunning on afterDRK's Sabrina. And hey, June is just started so there are plenty of summer days coming... right? I also like a pair of pointy ones but still did'nt found a pair like that...confused! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I think the best way to give a little bit more value on your outfit is to add some good looking bracelets. We all know the cuffs from last season, but there is more! Recently, I bought a black rubber chain bracelet. Well, I'm sort of lying, the boyfriend paid for it because it was a gift for our two year anniversary (yeay!). It goes perfectly well with just everything because of the flat black colour. But I like to wear it with a casual black outfit to colour-it-up (is that a word?). It is from one of my favourite designers, Marc by Marc Jacobs. You also have some other fabulous colours like coral red and cobalt blue. Candy, candy, candy!



Ever dreamed of a stylish glow in the dark outfit to shine the night away in a fancy club? Well I did! When I was in Bangkok last March, I accidently hopped into the shop of Wonder Anatomie in the famous Siam Centre in Bangkok. I immediately fell in love with the animal/space looking cloths. But they have more! Some extreme looking plastic accessories, a couple of sky high boots and a fantastic paper bag. The label is from a Thai designer and there are a couple of shops in Bangkok. Check their facebook for more photo's.